Pacific Energy Concepts
Shell Station Leathers Fuel Dark
Before PEC Installation
Shell Station Leathers Fuel
After PEC Installation

Leathers Fuel (with 23 stations throughout Oregon, whose major brand is Shell) is dedicated to keeping overhead low, so they can pass savings onto their customers. However, managing unique lighting systems in each location stymied efficiency gains and financial savings, and failed to give all stations a unified look and feel. Leathers Fuel felt the pain of stocking large quantities of disparate bulbs, along with ongoing maintenance to keep fixtures running without interruption. For a group who puts customers first, they knew a meaningful change to their lighting system would make all the difference.


Leathers turned to PEC to manage lighting for their full portfolio of stations, and we designed a highly efficient solution that met the needs of each location. To achieve this, we installed only six different fixtures across 23 Leathers Fuel sites. Each station can now offer a brighter, whiter, cleaner look for their customers. In the evening, when no one is outside, the system dims by 10%, only to increase to full power with foot traffic. Maintenance is no longer a financial hardship and burden to management, which means Leathers Fuel can pass more savings onto their customers – and managers can concentrate on running the business, rather than changing light fixtures.


  • annual energy savings


  • Expense covered by incentives


  • rate of return on investment

    2.49 years

  • increase in light levels



  • displaced capacity

    6.0 kW

  • Displaced energy

    618,642 kWh

In other words...

  • acres of trees planted


  • gallons of gas saved


  • tons of co2 reduced