Pacific Energy Concepts
Mercedes Benz Lynnwood Parking Lot Dark
Before PEC Installation
Mercedes Benz Lynwood Parking Lot
After PEC Installation

As a car merchandiser, Mercedes Benz of Lynwood knew that customers often look at cars in the evening when they have more time; some even prefer to “window shop” after hours, without the assistance of a sales manager. This made it critically important to showcase their product effectively regardless of the time of day. However, incumbent technology required the dealership to turn off half of their lights at night – a waste of energy that negatively impacted marketing, sales and security. They sought an expert to help them improve energy efficiency and cost savings, while providing customers with a safe, welcoming experience at night.


When Mercedes Benz of Lynwood was reviewing lighting proposals for their exterior lot, they asked PEC to help them evaluate. Our consultative approach met their needs in more ways than one. PEC installed exterior fixtures with fully customizable dimming that adjusts with seasonally shorter and longer days. Lighting no longer has to remain at full power after staff heads out for the day when there is little to no foot traffic, but the moment a customer steps foot on the lot it is brilliantly lit for their convenience. PEC’s lighting solution also renders truer paint color values, and effectively merchandises cars when a salesperson isn’t present. PEC made certain Mercedes Benz of Lynwood would be in the position to sell their product at all hours of the day.


  • annual energy savings


  • Expense covered by incentives


  • rate of return on investment

    4.3 years

  • increase in light levels



  • displaced capacity

    54.73 kW

  • Displaced energy

    194,031 kWh

In other words...

  • acres of trees planted


  • gallons of gas saved


  • tons of co2 reduced



“We initially reached out to PEC to help us review lighting proposals from other companies. It was clear they understood our needs and process – so much so that we ended up turning to them to manage our lighting project themselves. PEC created a safe, welcoming environment for our customers, even when we’re not there. What more can you ask for?”