Pacific Energy Concepts
Before PEC Installation
After PEC Installation

For a company that operates roughly 18 hours a day, lighting for the day and night are equally important. While Tufcoat’s facility had plenty of natural light during daylight hours, the night shift was not so fortunate: A faulty and antiquated system resulted in dismally low light levels that significantly fell below safety recommendations for manufacturing facilities.


Pacific Energy Concepts designed a custom project to provide adequate light levels during dark hours so Tufcoat could operate as efficiently and safely as it did during the day. This included a multi-faceted daylight harvesting system that can dim or turn of lights automatically when natural light is sufficient, zone and schedule to allocate light to areas where it’s most needed, and provide greater flexibility for operations through a central control system. Combined, these solutions allowed for both light levels and energy bills to look a whole lot brighter.


  • annual energy savings


  • Expense covered by incentives


  • rate of return on investment

    1.95 YEARS

  • increase in light levels



  • displaced capacity

    47.17 kW

  • Displaced energy

    296,933 kWh

In other words...

  • acres of trees planted


  • gallons of gas saved


  • tons of co2 reduced