Pacific Energy Concepts
Wilsonville Family Fun Center Lot Dark
Before PEC Installation
Wilsonville Family Fun Center Lot
After PEC Installation

Before partnering with PEC, the Wilsonville Family Fun Center had two options for their exterior space: on and off. For a business that operates well into the evening, this lack of control was a drain on their energy efficiency and savings. Their out-of-date system also diminished their customers’ experience with flat lighting. The Wilsonville Family Fun Center sought a solution that would put the “fun” back in a highly functional lighting system.


PEC’s lighting solution includes LED exterior fixtures with customizable dimming. The center has one big parking lot, and their system now allows them to dim and lower based on activity, rather than a manual process that cost them in manpower, efficiency and savings. Now, exterior spaces, like the go-cart area, are considerably brighter, encouraging more play time.


  • annual energy savings


  • Expense covered by incentives


  • rate of return on investment

    3.74 years

  • increase in light levels



  • displaced capacity

    27.58 kW

  • Displaced energy

    116,053 kWh

In other words...

  • acres of trees planted


  • gallons of gas saved


  • tons of co2 reduced


“As a family-friendly business that runs into the evening, lighting is critical to our customers’ enjoyment. We needed a flexible lighting solution that benefited both our customers’ experience and our bottom line. PEC designed a system that gave us controllability and customizable lighting across our attractions and parking lots. And, the cherry on top: everything is considerably brighter.”