Pacific Energy Concepts

Conservation without compromise


Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) is a commercial and industrial energy consultancy, specializing in helping companies leverage optimized LED lighting retrofits to improve business outcomes. Put simply, we’re out to transform the way our clients think about lighting. We envision and implement robust energy efficiency projects to provide optimal light levels and improve facility aesthetics — all while cutting your lighting costs in half.

While others in our industry employ a passive, one-for-one lighting replacement technique, we believe in proactively seeking solutions and taking a holistic approach to your project. At PEC, we’ve pioneered a new philosophy that outperforms the tired models of traditional lighting companies — and instead incorporates a whole-business approach to your system. We’ll evaluate your company’s goals and needs for energy savings or improved lighting, and match it with a comprehensive plan for the whole building using the latest energy-efficient technologies.

We see lighting as a tool that actively supports you, your employees, and your business in achieving optimum performance.

Why we’re different

Traditional lighting companies will try to sell you on their product entirely independent of what you’re looking to achieve with it.

But if you haven’t figured it out by now, Pacific Energy Concepts is anything but traditional.

We’re methodical about understanding your business goals, and we’ve got the design technology and expertise to back it up. What does this mean for you? When we propose a lighting solution, it’s far from prescriptive. Our proprietary approach involves a comprehensive evaluation of your site, existing technologies, and opportunities for improvement — allowing us to develop a customized lighting upgrade that helps you run your business better.

Likewise, when we present our recommendations, it isn’t via a printed list of fixtures and costs — we’ll provide you with a customized, three-dimensional blueprint of your space so you can see the visual impact of your new system before you buy.



If our style sounds unusual, we’re not surprised. Our holistic and proactive approach moves us to create efficient, beautiful lighting systems that lead to measurable business outcomes. That’s why more than 1,200 businesses have utilized our services since 2009, and we’ve achieved the Portland Business Journal’s fastest-growing private companies list three years running.

Relax — you’re in good hands


When it comes to your new lighting project, you can leave all the hassle to us. Our clients — from monolithic health care organizations to independent car dealerships — rave about the ease and seamlessness of our process.

In other words, we perform the mental and physical grunt work so you don’t have to. This way, you end up with beautiful, efficient lighting systems without lifting a finger.

Hesitant to make the jump due to financial concerns? We can help. Many of our clients utilize our financing and leasing options. Ask about our Cashflow Advantage Program, which allows you to immediately enjoy optimized lighting without breaking the bank.

Lighting with purpose

If you’re ready to make significant and measurable improvements to your business, let Pacific Energy Concepts light your way to success.