Pacific Energy Concepts

Dim or poorly-lit auto showrooms can have severe consequences for both sales and customer experience. Not only that — your lighting concept also has implications for safety, work environment, and productivity. Service bays, in particular, need to be well-lit in order to maximize efficiency.


Pacific Energy Concepts takes a holistic approach to our work — we’ll analyze all areas of your auto dealership, showrooms, and service bays to improve performance and increase efficiency through lighting. Our engineers will develop a customized solution to achieve optimal light levels, and in turn, keep your energy costs down.


Learn how improved lighting will positively impact your dealership:

  • Significantly reduce monthly energy expense
  • Maximize on state and local incentives
  • Effectively merchandise your vehicles
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee morale
  • Promote workplace safety and reduce incidents

Automotive Case Studies

Lithia Motors Lighting After PEC
Lithia Motors

PEC brought unity and consistency to over 90 Lithia locations.

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Before PEC Installation
Tonkin Auto Group

PEC helped Tonkin navigate complex lighting technology options.

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Kendall Auto Group Lot Dark
Before PEC Installation
Kendall Auto Group Lot
Kendall Auto Group Dodge and Subaru

Learn how being brand agnostic supports customized lighting solutions.

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Mercedes Benz Lynnwood Parking Lot Dark
Before PEC Installation
Mercedes Benz Lynwood Parking Lot
Mercedes Benz of Lynwood

Read how PEC met a luxury car dealership’s needs for efficiency, savings, and customer service.

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Before PEC Installation
Siamak’s Car Company

PEC created an inviting atmosphere for customers with innovative lighting.

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