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Lighting can make up more than 70–80% of monthly energy expense — an operating cost independent of business fluctuations. Not to mention, dim or poorly-lit facilities are extremely hazardous and can lead to accident, injury, and any number of safety concerns.


PEC leverages innovative lighting design and control services to help you improve productivity and avoid incident. Our engineers will develop a customized solution to achieve optimal light levels while maximizing energy savings and capturing every possible incentive.


Improved lighting can impact your manufacturing company in the following ways:

  • Increase productivity
  • Significantly reduce monthly energy expenses
  • Support workplace safety
  • Maximize on state and local incentives
  • Promote positive employee morale
  • Improve facility appearance

Manufacturing/Distribution Case Studies

Before PEC Installation
Vigor Industrial

Discover one of the largest industrial outdoor LED projects in Energy Trust history.

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Before PEC Installation

Learn how PEC brought perpetual daylight to a swing shift (18 hr/day) manufacturing operation.

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Before PEC Installation
Howser Steel

Learn how this family-owned business improved working conditions.

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Before PEC Installation
Canron Portland

Read how this heavy steel industrial facility secured resources with a lighting overhaul.

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