Pacific Energy Concepts

Customer experience is defined by more than just service. Believe it or not, lighting has a direct influence on a customer’s impression of your business. Dim or poorly-lit facilities create a harsh visual environment and can negatively affect buyer behavior and employee morale.


We seek to understand the needs of customers and employees to enhance the look and feel of your retail space. Our innovative technology and knack for lighting design will bring measurable, concrete improvements to your business — and keep your customers coming back for more.


Check out how improved lighting can positively impact your retail space:

  • Significantly reduce monthly energy expenses
  • Maximize on state and local incentives
  • Merchandise products effectively
  • Increase productivity
  • Promote positive employee morale
  • Improve store ambiance

Retail Case Studies

Wilsonville Family Fun Center Lot Dark
Before PEC Installation
Wilsonville Family Fun Center Lot
Wilsonville Family Fun Center

PEC made more time for fun with an advanced lighting system.

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Shell Station Leathers Fuel Dark
Before PEC Installation
Shell Station Leathers Fuel
Leathers Fuel

Learn how PEC built a unified system for a petroleum company with over 20 locations.

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Before PEC Installation
Oregon Gas Station Network

Learn how PEC helped locations across the state to maximize energy efficiency.

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Les Schwab Lighting Interior Dark
Before PEC Installation
Les Schwab Lighting Interior
Les Schwab Broadway

See how PEC introduced Les Schwab to cutting-edge lighting technology.

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